Providing one-stop convenience for all of your small business needs!

  • Purchase and deliver Office Supplies

  • Provide local Courier Services

  • Purchase and deliver Coffee/Canteen Supplies

  • Assist with Customer Mailings

  • Delivery letters, documents and/or packages

  • Pick up/delivery to or from Post Office, UPS

  • Special Event Planning

  • Travel Services

  • Office Temp. Services

  • Help for out of town client



             Examples of how business uses Dash & Go Errand Service



Each employee is able to use Dash & Go Errand Service as an individual would use any other corporate benefit, such as health care. You pay Dash & Go Errand Service an agreed upon amount each month per employee. When the Employee uses our services they will pay Dash & Go Errand Service a small co-pay, like health insurance. It can be paid by way of a payroll deduction, again similar to health insurance.





Refer all Employees to Dash & Go Errand Service and your Employee will receives a corporate discount. The Employee pays the discounted price directly to Dash & Go Errand Service at time of service.





A semi-membership plan where Employees will be issued vouchers by Dash & Go Errand Service for an agreed upon amount. Dash & Go Errand Service will give your Corporation a discount on the "Block of Services". Your Employee turns in vouchers for their services at the time they use Dash & Go Errand Service.